What is the difference between Astrology, numerology and tarot

Good Morning Divine Readers!

Why Good Morning? Because if you are here to read this post, Congratulations! you are truly embarking on a journey of discovering much complicated concepts of the universe. Rightly said by My Guru, Ignorance is bliss, once you embark on this journey the thirst for knowledge will only increase.

Often you will find yourself debating on the credibility of all these mediums and eventually figure out every medium brings out information from a different light and angle. So can we say that the facts we find out from a particular medium alone are sufficient to analyze a particular area of your life? Perhaps yes, if it isn’t something you need to get to the root cause of.

Lets understand the difference between the three mediums

Astrology: This medium was originated from the Veda’s and is used keeping in mind the long-term perspective. A good astrologer can tell you about past and future incidences by studying the planets in your chart. This acts as a DNA of a person and with the right calculations we can make some in-depth predictions about the individual. However, the reading becomes a lot less effective if the details of birth are missing.

Tarot: Tarot is popularly known to be brought in by Gypsies. This form of prediction did not gain popularity until the 14th century after which all forms of divination were highly valued. Tarot is used to see energies at present or of short-term in nature. The time period could range between -1 year to +1 year. Although we have seen predictions coming through even beyond the mentioned period but it is safe to consider as a bracket for accuracy. Energies are fluid and forever evolving and this may change the course of direction over a few days if our actions are put into use. Tarot can be defined as an art that truly brings out knowledge stored in our sub-conscious to improve things in 3D.

Numerology: Numerology can be considered as a luck enhancer. While a lot of it is inter-connected, numbers play a role to attract certain vibrations in to our life. Well there is a reason why you were born on a certain date and how it plays out for the rest of your life. Does that mean we can opt for numerology alone? No! No reading on its own is suffice, there are different things that play a role at different events in life and we need to hold a broad perspective per say.

To conclude, all the above mentioned mediums of finding information contribute in their own capacity to bring valuable information to the table. Glorifying one medium over comes out of lack of knowledge for that medium. A perfect blend of all three can not only contribute to increasing your strengths and opportunities but also minimize your weaknesses and threats. (Click here to see our ANT reading under the services section)