It is a mark of soulfulness to be present in the here and now. When we are present, we are not fabricating inner movies. We are seeing what is before us. - John Bradshaw

Our mission is to build a community of spiritually enlightened souls who are not only mentally and emotionally stable but also soulful and content.


Learning to take inspiration from everything and everyone around you, 

balanced Thinking

The importance of balanced thinking is realized when our goal is to have a balanced life! 

Energetic & soulful

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Our Philosophy

We break down barriers so you can focus on what matters – working together to achieve your goal



Let us handhold and take you to your desired destination.


Self Development

Use our energized and customized products to bring out the best version of you!



Consult us for your peace of mind. No matter how small or big your problem is, a consultation with roohani guidance will always leave you feeling thrilled.



Learn our tailor-made courses that help you bring out more value from life!


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Our Self development course that ensures a change in your perspective. It aims at conditioning your current state of mind to be more mindful, loving and compassionate towards yourself. You only shine like a diamond when you go through various challenges of life and learn certain lessons necessary to progress to the next level of life.