Five signs your signature is wrong



Ever wondered why aren’t things working in your favor? What can you do create a long-lasting impression? Do you always land up to square one? Check these five signs in your signature that need to be changed immediately! 

  • You signature is too small  which usually indicates self-doubt and lack to confidence.   
  • A strike through the signature indicates destroying your own efforts and ruining your own reputation. 
  • Underlining your signature with a declining line can indicate downfall and losing support over time. 
  • Circling  your signature backwards indicates self-limiting beliefs and attachment to the past experiences.
  • Writing your initials followed by your surname will shift focus on family and family interests and reduce self-development.  

So if your signature has one or more of the above mentioned point, you need to get your signature analyzed. Book a graphology session with us and allow us to use the knowledge of numerology and graphology to align you with your success!  

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