Do you ever wonder why the queen of england always wore a hat?

Have you wondered why the late queen of England always wore a hat and not just her but all the key politicians around the globe cover their head. What is the reason behind this? Astrology for a million years has been the most trusted science when it has come to major decision making and covering the head is also related to the same.
All 12 lagna or Ascendants right from Aries to Pisces have a badaka planet, this is the planet responsible for creating hindrances in your life and achieving goals in general.

For movable signs Aries cancer libra and Capricorn, the ruler of the 11th house is considered the badaka planet.


Fixed lagna Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius the 9th lord is considered as the badaka planet.



Dual signs like Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius and pisces the 7th lord is considered as the badaka lord.




Now all these badaka’s function through the head and it is said that when you cover your head the badaka cannot function thus saving you from any irrational decisions. Rahu is the natural badaka lord and Top Politicians and decision makers are controlled by Sun as a karak planet Rahu eclipses sun that’s why it becomes all the more necessary for them to cover their heads if they aren’t going through a great dasha.


Generally too when Sun is placed in the 11th, Jupiter in 12th house or Rahu in the 10th house people are advised to cover their heads. If this intrigues, get an analysis for your chart and let’s help create a better version of your life.

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