Self name correction – A recipe for success?

Dear Readers,
Many of us have seen how name corrections have led to rewarding results and how have both, common people and celebrities changed their lives overnight just by correcting or bringing their names on some popular numbers.
This phenomena has become so common that people jeopardize their own vibrations and current dynamics by correcting the numbers themselves through commonly available softwares online.

In a world where we dread a number 8 and bask in the glory of numbers 1,3,5,6 and 9, there are many more parameters for consideration before changing the spelling of names. For instance, one may know that to attract financial abundance, they have to bring their name total to 5. Now if this person is born on the 4th, 13th or 22nd with destiny number 9 and brings their name number to 63, it is going to bring unwanted mishaps in their lives. We definitely have a participant of the money heist here.

Not only people, but countries also do this and land up in a much sorry state of affairs. Lets look at the example of Burma added to 15 = 6. While it operated with the name of Burma, it was known as the rice bowl of Asia and led the world exports in rice. However, as soon as their name changed to Myanmar it added up to 18 which then contributed to the negativity that we have most recently experienced in terms of bloodshed, decline in divinity, anti-social activities, jealously, malice and danger through weapons.
Even though 18 totals up to 9 and 9 is often regarded as a powerful number and one that signifies completeness, here we saw the negative effects of power.

A name change correction comprises of several parameters such as –
1. Date Of Birth
2. Birth Compound Number
3. Destiny Number
4. Destiny Compound Number
5. Zodiac Number
6. Year Number
7. Year Compound Number
8. Number Concord
9. First Name Number
10. First Name Compound Number
11. Full Name Number
12. Full Name Compound Number
13. First Letter Number
14. Second Name Letter Number
15. Third Name Letter Number (if any)

These parameters are not considered by any software and a manual analysis by an expert is a must. The concept of real and imaginary numbers plays a vital role in the overall prediction. After a thorough analysis of the all numbers this information is used to derive a suitable name correction.
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