Selanite plate


Selenite is ideal for all forms of energy purification. It is one of the few minerals capable of rapidly unblocking stagnant energy and removing bad energy. Selenite stones also enhance the energy of whatever is placed on top of them.
Negative energies are not retained by selenite, hence it does not need to be cleaned. As a result, it has the capacity to remove and block negativity, as well as protect you from undesirable energy. It infuses you with White Light, raising your vibration and allowing you to live life with a greater level of consciousness. Grounds and aligns the chakras, enabling bodily healing and sound sleep. It has a relaxing effect and promotes profound relaxation.
Selenite is particularly good for clearing the aura of beings or energetic parasites.
Selenite also cleanses the physical and etheric bodies of energy obstructions. Selenite is a stone that promotes mental clarity and dispels ambiguity.

This clarity improves mental flexibility and allows for better decision-making. Selenite Selenite is good for meditation and spiritual practise since it opens the Crown and Higher Chakras. Assists in spiritual growth.
Because this stone is made from natural stones, there may be some variations.

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